Just because you live a city life,
shouldn’t mean you miss out on the finest
provincial produce available.


Urban Provedore focuses on cooking healthy mediterranean meals from fresh, local ingredients. Based on a diet nutritionists have discovered from Crete, Greece and Southern Italy circa 1960’s. At this time these were the healthiest populations of people recorded, and it’s entirely due to their diet and lifestyle.



The idea of a provedore originates from the concept of someone procuring supplies for those otherwise engaged in their daily tasks. It began in an age when sourcing these essentials meant visiting nearby farmers to find the best local produce available. Although much has changed in modern times, the hectic pace of urban life means that we still require others to source quality products where taste and freshness is favoured alongside convenience.

Hence our simple ethos: to provide delicious gourmet food and coffee, sourced from passionate and highly skilled local producers.

Dine in and enjoy our seasonal menu crafted by our enthusiastic chefs. Or enjoy the convenience of our ready-made takeaway meals and gourmet salad and sandwich bar prepared in house, along wth our hand-selected provedore range designed to be enjoyed in our own home or office.

Whether you are on the run, staying home or joining us in-house, we believe you should never have to sacrifice quality.

We invite you to share our  journey.

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