6 Canapés $25 pp

8 Canapés $34 pp

10 Canapés $42 pp

Extra canapé $5.00


Fetta, avo and dukkha tartlets (V)

Roasted pumpkin, beetroot relish and goat`s cheese on toasted roti (V)

Smoked salmon, capers, dill and cream cheese puffs

Prosciutto, crushed peas and cantaloupe (G.F) (D.F)

Tuna mousse bread rolls, olive and cream cheese

Fresh seafood salad in vinaigrette and saltine crackers (G.F.O) (D.F)


Zucchini rolls, chicken. alfalfa and aioli (G.F, D.F, V.O)

Deviled eggs, asparagus and crispy bacon (D.F, V.O)

Crispy halloumi, marinated cherry tomatoes and basil (V)

Falafel, sumac coconut yogurt and cucumber (VG, D.F)

Corn pancakes, leek straw and buffalo mozzarella (V, G.F)

Loaded sweet potatoes with black beans and cream (V, G.F)

Flank steak and green chimichurri bites (G.F.O, D.F)

Tuscan style stuffed mushrooms (VG, G.F)

BBQ chipotle, peppers and chicken skewers (G.F, D.F)


Mini cheeseburger, pickles, tomato relish (2) $9

BBQ mushrooms, red onion, sorrel sliders (2) $9 (V)

Trio empanadas (beef, black beans, fish) $12 (G.F, VG. O, D.F)

Cheese sticks with aioli (3) $8 (V)

Nacho bowl with black beans, guacamole, corn salsa, sour cream (1) $14 (V)


Chocolate crunch bites with peanut butter sauce (12) $30 (G.F, V.G)

Walnuts dates and coffee squares (12) $30 (V)

Raspberry cheesecake parfaits (12) $40